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Band: Ronnie Abeille
Title: “Hell Or Nothing”
Genre: Electro Punk Rock
Release Date: 28 January 2022


1 - Deliverance
2 - Stand tall
3 - Father
4 - Truth
5 - Heart Of The Monster
6 - Wonderland
7 - The Killing Joke
8 - If Looks Could Kill
9 - Weapon X

Ronnie Abeille - Voice, backing vocals, synth and programming
Federico "Dr. Ice" Pontani - Guitars and electric bass
Miles Parker Jr.: Wind instruments.

HEART OF THE MONSTER: Guitar arrangements by Federico "Dr. Ice" Pontani.
WEAPON X: Guitar solo by R. Abeille.
WONDERLAND: Guitar solo by Eugenio Catalano

After the release of the singles 'Ragnarok' and 'Streets Of Poison', Ronnie Abeille, formerly with The.Main.Attraction and Dancing Crap, as well as a jazz pianist, offers us a preview of his new album 'Hell Or Nothing' in which electronic rock with blues influences make up a very catchy and pleasant album; this is how Ronnie Abeille returns, in which we find him on vocals, backing vocals, synth and programming.
"Hell Or Nothing" opens with the almost solemn intro of "Deliverance", a very pleasant and catchy track,introducing us to the album's vibrant rock atmosphere full of blues and jazz inlays.
The following 'Stand tall' is much more funkier, with Federico 'Dr. Ice' Pontani's good guitar playing, an excellent rhythm and an engaging mood.
Nice blues intro for the following "Father", an articulated track with an essentially funky base with a good dose of electronics where solos, sax sounds and good rhythm emerge for another track good track.
In "Truth" we are enveloped by an atmosphere with an eighties flavour, catchy and much more electronic rock with references to a very catchy pop sound, very good bass and musical beat.
"Heart of the monster" again features a nice bass line and a remarkable guitar arrangement by guitarist Federico "Dr. Ice" Pontani. The voice is more contrived than the other tracks for a song that does not differ much in sound from the previous one, the difference is that compared to the more enjoyable "Truth", "Heart of the monster" is darker.
In "Wonderland" the guitar intro plunges us into a more rock sound, almost hypnotic, one of my favourite tracks on this album, a techno rock atmosphere and with Eugenio Catalano's solo, guest on "Hell Or Nothing".
Another notable track is "The Killing Joke", much more aggressive, more rock and definitely prog, an excellent work in which the styles heard so far are intertwined, the only entirely musical piece.
There's a return to a lighter sound, at least at first, with the following "If Looks Could Kil" which, however, makes use of sustained rock weaves throughout its composition, interesting and emotional.
"Weapon X” is a direct, swirling blast of punk, a burst of energy and anger, as short as it befits the classic punk song, an excellent ending. I would have perhaps explored Ronnie's punk soul a little more but in “Hell Or Nothing” he proposes a brilliant genre steeped in blues and funk with excellent wind instruments for a very enjoyable album with pleasant moments alternating with more intense and soulful ones. Good one!

Valeria Campagnale

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