SAN QUENTIN release new single 'Hurricane' on 16th June, out on Golden Robot Records



6/7/20221 min read

San Quentin's 4th single ‘Hurricane’ is fast paced, with catchy riffs, huge drums and relatable lyrics. "During the writing process of this song we really tried to tie in the rhythm sections and drums and create a sound that would resemble a hurricane." the band says. Overall ‘Hurricane’ is about the turbulence and unstable nature of youth culture. When the storm ends you're not the same person, and that's what the storms all about.

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SAN QUENTIN is a 5-piece band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, consisting of members, Liam Cass (rhythm guitarist & songwriter), Owen Eves (lead vocals), Dan Ridgwell (lead guitar), Nick Kepp (bass) and Luke Johns (drums). Starting out in October 2019 as a 4 piece, in May 2020 Dan Ridgwell joined the band and SAN QUENTIN was formed. Recently signing to Golden Robot Records, their debut single for the label, ‘Step Off’, was released in November, 2021.

SAN QUENTIN are set to become important in the reinvigoration of the British rock scene.