Son of Sorrow releases the single "No Hope for the Fallen"


11/29/2021 3 min read

Son of Sorrow's new EP, No Hope for the Fallen continues in the line of the band's debut album Rulers of a Dying World. You can expect some catchy gothic metal anthems and darker and more epic tracks. The new album also features the latest addition to Son of Sorrow's line-up, co-vocalist Yolanda Rosado, which allows the band to explore new sounds with contrasting male and female vocals, that will remind diehard fans of some of the most iconic bands in the genre.

Influences for the album:
Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil. In general, late 90s and early 2000s gothic metal.

Son of Sorrow is a gothic metal band from Andalusia, Spain. Son of Sorrow's sound is strongly influenced by the gothic metal bands from the late nineties and early two-thousands, however, the band also incorporates sounds from other genres such as Doom, Nu and Melodic metal.
Son of Sorrow was founded by English vocalist Alex Padina and Spanish guitarist Manu Piñeiro in 2015 in Jerez, Spain. Originally intended as a studio-only band, Son of Sorrow's debut EP, ‘Faith In Extinction’ (2017) sparked the interest of independent labels, motivating the duo to complete the band’s line-up to present their music live and work on new material. Local musicians JC Cano – bass, and Unai García –drums, were the first to join the new line-up, followed by Alejandro ‘Ian’ Pérez, a solo guitarist from Seville.

Following several live gigs in 2017, Son of Sorrow focused on recording their first full album at Jotun Studio, Seville, with producer Leo Peña. Finally, in May 2018, ‘Rulers Of A Dying World’ was launched worldwide through the Spanish record label Art Gates Records. The debut album was well received by critics, obtaining a ‘Best Gothic Metal Album of the Year’ award from Brazilian Webzine Insanity Remains and a ‘Best Gothic Metal Album of the Year’ nomination from Metal Storm, as well as remaining for several months in the top positions of Bandcamp’s bestselling gothic metal albums.

In 2019, local guitarist Víctor Prieto replaces Alejandro Pérez as lead guitarist and joins the band touring nationally.

Following the covid lockdown in summer 2020, co-founders Alex and Manu regain absolute control of the band’s musical and artistic direction. This means that former band members Unai, Victor and JC Cano decide to move on due to artistic differences and to focus on other projects.
With the band’s principles redefined, recruiting for a new line-up was a great opportunity to renew the spirits within the band. The first person to join the band in its new stage was singer Yolanda Rosado. Yolanda used to front gothic metal band Inner Silence back in the early two-thousands together with Alex. With the vocal duo reuniting at Son of Sorrow, the band has been able to evolve while remaining true to the genre, now featuring a contrasting male baritone goth rock vocal line and an ethereal and melancholic female voice.

Following Yolanda, Seville-based musicians Rafa ‘Fali’ Alonso – bass, and Emilio Kanina – drums, join the band. They both contribute to the new songs and participate in the recording of ‘No Hope For The Fallen’.

The recording process of the album took place between January and June 2021. Son of Sorrow returned to Jotun Studio to work once again with producer Leo Peña. The album was released on October 31st 2021.

At present, Son of Sorrow is working on the promotion of their latest release while working on new material.

Son of Sorrow _rockers and other animals_No Hope for the Fallen_Gothic Metal_heavy metal

Band Line-Up:
Alex Padina: Vocals
Yolanda Rosado: Vocals
Manu Piñeiro: Guitar
Rafa 'Seth' Alonso: Bass
Emilio Kanina: Drums

CD Track Listing:
1- Hope is a Prelude to Sorrow.
2- Sin King
3- Error
4- No Hope for the Fallen
5- Firebird
6- A Forlorn Memory

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Son of Sorrow _rockers and other animals_No Hope for the Fallen_Gothic Metal_heavy metal