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1/9/20222 min read

Band: Stonetrip
Title: Stonetrip
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Golden Robot Records
Release Date: 10 December 2021


Mark Ritchie - Vocals
Mick Malusa - Guitars
Con Batz - Drums
Sebastian Barahona - Bass
Bruce Mountjoy - Guitars

1. Sideways
2. Runaway
3. Nightmare
4. My Angel
5. Wild Hearted Son

Melbourne hard rockers Stonetrip present their self-titled EP containing five tracks released last December 2021 on Golden Robot Records and the band worked with Australian producer and engineer Ricki Rae of Lighthill Sound Recording Studio; the result is obviously a pleasing work steeped in killer groove.
Anticipated by the singles 'Runaway' and 'Nightmare' 'My Angel', "Stonetrip" offers pure hard rock and a general vision of the band's potential, which, drawing on classic rock, shows the virtues of each individual member.
'Sideways', when passion becomes feeling, Mick Malusa stands out for excellence, just listen to the solo and Mark Ritchie's vocal is simply perfect for this track as for the whole EP.
With 'Runaway' there are no preambles and we go straight into the heart of a sharp groove, an excellent rhythmic line that maintains a homogeneous structure supporting the pillars of this song in which guitars and vocals blend perfectly to give us a lashing and purely rock tone.
Blues reverberations in the beautiful "Nightmare" that the remarkable guitar duo Mountjoy / Malusa gives us and while this song leaves us the taste of a more intimate sound, even in the tone of the voice, the more suffused tones of the ballad "My Angel" gradually build up. breach through a very heartfelt acoustic interpretation, a very intense piece.
I will always repeat, I don't particularly like ballads but when one of them shines with its own light I can only appreciate it.
To end this work we find the passionate "Wild Hearted Son", rock again, the wild one without many frills, very direct and which again sees a brilliant guitar elaboration.
What do I love about this EP? Everything, literally, from its beginning to its last note, is a bloody work and well constructed in details, the bass lines of Sebastian Barahona, the passion of Mr. Ritchie in singing, Con Batz' drumming and, of course, the splendid guitars, all accompanied by the passion that Stonetrip manages to transmit.
I await the album with trepidation!

Valeria Campagnale

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