'Strange Desires' is the second single off the 2022 L.A. Cobra album titled 'Superstition'

L.A. COBRA release new single 'Strange Desires' on 10th May



4/21/20221 min read

Strange Desires' is the second single off the 2022 L.A. Cobra album titled 'Superstition'. The song encourages the sharing of the “often” secretive desires and fantasies that are kept secret from a lover. The song features a unique yet catchy chorus that takes inspiration from bands like Queen and ABBA yet still features the rough edge of these South African sleaze rockers.

The song ft. Slade Sleaze - L.A. Cobra guitarist, on vocals in the verses. The album 'Superstition' is set for release later in 2022. Formed in November 2005, L.A. COBRA is the only sleaze/glam/hair metal band on the African continent. They are the “sleaze rocking hair metal stars” from Pretoria (home of multi-platinum rock superstars SEETHER), flying the 80’s glam rock flag from the handlebars of their Harley’s whilst making a name for themselves internationally and locally.

Preorder/save 'Strange Desires' here: https://bfan.link/LACobra-strange-desires

L.A. Cobra has been let loose to cause a rebellion amongst the youth with their revival of the 80’s glam era. Largely influenced by 80’s rock bands like Mötley Crüe, Guns & Roses, WASP and Skid Row, L.A. COBRA is all about girls, Harley’s, big hair and a good time. The band is: Don Cobra on vocals and guitar, Slade on lead guitar, Ewil on bass guitar and Callie ‘The Animal’ on drums, bringing back those memorable guitar solos and “balls to the wall” hard rock shows we’re all starved for. With a modern twist from their songwriting as we know them, these guys are the real deal, and live rock and roll! L.A. Cobra and Crusader Records will have a slew of announcements in 2022 including new music, merchandise, tours and a whole lot more…stay tuned.