TERSIVEL release video and single "The Ferryman"



1/9/2022 2 min read

If the first song shown from the new TERSIVEL album revealed the brutal growth of the band, it’s now time to witness the new single and official video from this Argentinian/Swedish trio. “The Ferryman” dwells on the same post-metal terrain as “Weeping Iron Tears”, but drifts dramatically into more melodic vocal grounds while keeping the expansive atmospheres that Tersivel seems to base the new album on. Plus, the lush keyboard arrangements show exactly just how detailed and lush the arrangements in “To the Orphic Void” will be.

The video also reflects the gloomy and introspective side of the lyrics, and stands out as a piece of art of its own.

"The Ferryman" is one of the songs of "To The Orphic Void", the third Tersivel album that will be released on February 11th via UPRISING! Records.

Check out the digital single "The Ferryman" or the official video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube page here or at our media partners that premiered it this Friday.

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If the first song shown from the new TERSIVEL album revealed the brutal growth of the band, it’s now

Tersivel is an Argentinian/Swedish band based in Malmö, Sweden. Officially founded in 2004 in Argentina.

Tersivel is a band of altering genres, perhaps centered around vivid soundscapes, where death/doom and post-metal converge. Paganism and heathenry, along with philosophical themes, are the lyrical spine providing support to the emotions of their music.

Tersivel have released two full-lengths and a bunch of singles and EPs: “Embers Beneath The Spirit” (2020), “Satyr’s Wine part II” (2018), “Worship of the Gods” (2017), “For One Pagan Brotherhood” (2011), among others.

Tersivel’s “To The Orphic Void” will be released in CD and digital formats via UPRISING! Records on February 11th, 2022.

Lian Gerbino – vocals, guitars, bass, noise
Franco Robert – keyboards, synths
Danny Ebenholtz – drums, percussion

Digital single:


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