The Groggy Dogs presents video-single for "Leave Her Johnny"



3/11/20221 min read

The video-single for "Leave Her Johnny" is now available, the latest advance from Still Groggin', the new album by the pirate quintet that will be released on March 25.

After a tough season at sea, the crew reaches dry land and, saddened by having to abandon ship, they decide to go in search of their partners to get into the studio to record Still Groggin'. This is the story that The Groggy Dogs tell us in their latest video-single "Leave Her Johnny". A "Cocktail" with a cheerful and festive cut, a traditional sea shanty brought to ska-punk, always with the pirate quintet's characteristic hooligan touch.

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Still Groggin' is the second album by The Groggy Dogs and will be released on March 25, 2022 under the Vampire Productions label. The album was recorded in mid-2020 and contains 8 tracks loaded with Punk, Metal, Ska, Traditional Celtic Melodies and Ancient Sea Songs. A perfect combination to party, dance and empty the rum cellar. The singles from this album were "Old Maui" y "The Dreadnought".
The idea of The Groggy Dogs was born in April 2020, a month after the confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis. Mauro (The Captain, Voice and Guitar) after having gone through several Celtic music projects wanted to continue with the idea of taking traditional Celtic melodies but giving them a more current and forceful sound. Being a big fan of traditional sea songs, he thought it would be a good idea to take some of those old songs and add them to the mix of Punk Metal and Ska. It is then that Fátima Caballero (The Voodoo Witch, Violin), Carlos Ghirlanda ( The Cook, Bass), Seba Santa Cruz (The Buccaneer, Accordion) and Lucas Hidalgo (The Deadman, Drums) join the crew. After almost 1 year since the release of Grog o' Clock, the pirate quintet is back on track with Still Groggin', an album that promises more than one strong drink and a good excuse to party with your crewmates.