The Groggy Dogs, "Still Groggin'" album out now



3/28/20222 min read

After a year sailing and plundering, the pirate quintet decides to launch the boarding again with "Still Groggin'", their second full-length album that contains 8 tracks or "recipes" for a good night out. In this one, the crew of The Groggy Dogs continues to demonstrate that partying and drinking liters and liters of rum are the perfect cocktail for a good night of looting. Test cocktails for this release were “Old Maui”, “The Dreadnought” and “Leave Her Johnny”.

Rockers And Other Animals_The Groggy Dogs_Still Groggin _punk rock_ Pirates_Grog o'Clock

What is Still Groggin'?
It is the perfect drink for every good pirate. A bottle of Still Groggin' contains the perfect mix of Punk, Ska, Metal, Irish Melodies, old sea shanties and lots of rum; thus achieving a high quality spiced grog.

1- To Sea Once More
2- Old Maui
3- Leave Her Johnny
4- Grog Party
5- The Dreadnought
6- Grog's Reel
7- Katie Bar The Door
8- The First Grog

Rockers And Other Animals_The Groggy Dogs_Still Groggin _punk rock_ Pirates_Grog o'Clock

The release of Still Groggin' will be supported by a tour where this quintet of pirates will sail the 7 seas to attack all kinds of venues and events. Thus demonstrating the power of its cannons, the skill of its intrepid crew and infecting the public with a staging that will make you feel as if you were part of the crew and were on a real pirate ship gunning down the Royal Navy.

Still Groggin''s presentation party will be on April 8th at the Sala Even in Seville, where the pirate quintet has its base of operations. A night full of partying, grog, punk, sea shanties and Celtic music in which they will completely review their second album Still Groggin' and also their first Grog o'Clock. Tickets are now on sale through Entradium and, for those who prefer their ticket accompanied by a good pint, also available at La Taberna del Dragón Verde (Calle Avicena 17, Seville).

Pirates, ye be warned.