Thunderstick, an icon of the 1980s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene who played in Iron Maiden and Samson, joins the Rockers And Other Animals roster.


11/2/20222 min read

Thunderstick ‘The Drummer’

Playing drums first with Iron Maiden and then Samson (a line-up that included a young Bruce Dickinson) Thunderstick was a legendary part of the 70’s NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal)

Feeling that most drummers were somewhat overlooked in bands, Samson’s drummer decided to create the definitive `faceless` drummer and Thunderstick was born. Playing from inside a cage, he would break out and terrorise the front of the audience. The masked Thunderstick soon became the iconic ‘face’ of the newly emerging ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ movement

Thunderstick ‘The Band’

In search of a more theatrical presentation Thunderstick left Samson to form Thunderstick ‘the band’ in the early 80’s. Consisting of two guitars, bass and female Thunderstick were the first rock/metal band to feature a female vocalist. The band performed and recorded until late 1980 before disbanding.

Reforming Thunderstick 2017

The death of former lead vocalist Jodee Valentine in 2016 prompted Thunderstick to record and release a brand new album Something Wicked This Way Comes as a tribute to her memory. Following positive reviews worldwide Thunderstick formed a new Thunderstick band to perform shows. Live gigs – including dates at the legendary Leo’s Red Lion, A New Day festival Hard Rock Hell and The British Steel festival in France followed. The French gig was recorded and a subsequent live album entitled ‘Something Wicked This Way Came’, Thunderstick Live In France released in 2020 on Roulette Records followed to enthusiastic acclaim. Now a Roulette Media artist an eagerly-anticipated follow-up album is being recorded scheduled for release in 2022.

Thunderstick are back with a new line up

The legendary masked drummer has put together a formidable new line up for his touring band

Vocals – Raven Blackwing

Raven started her career as a solo artist over a decade ago working many small venues across her native Kent. Enigmatic performances and unforgettable vocals soon attracted enquiries from rock bands nationwide. She guested with a few performing rock covers, none came close though in helping her realise her calling. She was made for theatrical rock.

Performances with Thunderstick have been hypnotic. Once you see her you won’t forget her. The Raven has most definitely landed.

Drums – Thunderstick

Thunderstick became the icon of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene in the 1980’s. Playing with both Iron Maiden and Samson until forming his eponymously named band. A songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer in his own right he has led Thunderstick through almost four decades. The first performer to experiment with anonymity of ‘Mask Rock’ now inhabited by many others such as Slipknot & Ghost. He is a true original.

Bass – Rex Thunderbolt

Another familiar face on the Kent music scene, bass-player Rex has been a core part of the reborn Thunderstick band since 2017, playing on the well-received album Something Wicked This Way Comes as well as all the live gigs played when Thunderstick returned to the stage.

He is the foundation upon which everyone in the band relies on, orchestrating the stage show by example. A consummate performer.

Guitar – Pete J Pinto (Panther)

One of the newer members of Thunderstick, Pete started playing guitar at the age of 7 years old and has a wealth of experience touring in professional bands.

Although a multi instrumentalist, Pete will be showing off his guitar skills with Thunderstick.

Guitar – Dave ‘Butters’

Another of the new band members, Butters fell in love with rock music at a very early age, getting his first guitar at the age of 5 and first electric guitar at the age of 9.

A self taught guitarist from the age of 11, Butters played his first gig at age 15.



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