TIMECHILD "Son And Daughter" digital single, out 20th May 2022 for Mighty Music

Timechild dug deep into their inspirations of the past and reinterpret an underrated and slightly atypical treasure from Queen's debut album from 1973.



5/10/20222 min read

At the end of 2021, Danish heavy rock band TIMECHILD released their debut album "And Yet It Moves", receiving great reviews and high praise from all over the world. Now the band is back with their new single "Son & Daughter", where they have dug deep into their inspirations from the past and reinterpreted this underrated and slightly atypical treasure from Queen's first album in 1973.

It's a song that fits perfectly into Timechild's sonic universe, with powerful, soaring lead vocals and characteristic twin guitars and vocal harmonies. With this new song in their repertoire, the band is ready for gigs this summer!

Timechild is a massive, organic heavy rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band's soundscape consists of powerful and present lead vocals, distinctive twin guitars and atmospheric vocal harmonies, which together create their unique Scandinavian expression.

Timechild was formed in 2020 by four experienced musicians from different corners of Denmark. With extensive past experience in a number of previous and existing Danish rock and metal bands, the members had already crossed paths on Danish and international stages. When the opportunity arose, they decided to combine their musical experiences and visions and created Timechild.

The debut album was written and recorded during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, which paralysed the Danish and international music industry. However, this silence gave the band time to develop their common sound and expression together. The vision from the start was to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise audiences in 2021. Although the foundations of the band's sonic universe are clearly laid by the rock giants of the past, Timechild's inspiration comes from different times and genres. The opportunity to immerse oneself in the musical history of past decades, and through that define one's own sound, is one of the greatest privileges available to today's musicians. We can learn from the past without being retrograde or unoriginal, and we can be relevant and innovative without having to define a new genre.

This same mentality applies to Timechild's lyrics. The title of their debut album 'And Yet It Moves' is, according to legend, the last sentence spoken by the physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei after the Vatican forced him to recant his scientific belief that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around. It is this human search for the purpose of one's existence and the struggle to rise above the laws of nature that are recurring themes in the album's textual universe.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Thundermother, Marco Mendoza, Artillery). With his vast experience in the genre, both as a producer and as a musician, Soren was a natural choice when the band's songs needed to be immortalised. The result is nine songs that showcase the band's wide dynamic range. From quiet, dark and melodic passages to overloaded twin guitars and energetic heavy rock.

Timechild's debut album, 'And Yet It Moves', is out now via Mighty Music.


Anders Folden Brink: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar and lead guitar

Birk: Lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Martin Haumann: Drums

Daniel Bach: Bass guitar, backing vocals



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