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Artist: Tommy Talamanca
Title: Atopia
Genre: Prog Metal
Label: Nadir Music
Release Date: 21 January 2022


01. Atopia
02. Darkling Glades
03. Get In, Get Through
04. The Flow
05. The Crack
06. Narrowing World
07. Grace In Heaven
08. Anapestic Dimeter
09. Fog
10. The Floating Space
11. Holy

Line- up:
Tommy Talamanca - all instruments
Gloria Rossi - vocals

Tommy Talamanca, Sadist's guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound engineer, director of Nadir Music Studios in Genoa and session man, sets aside metal music once again for "Atopia", his second solo album in which he delves into prog, new age and world music sounds, a sophisticated album that goes beyond the usual stylistic canons of what is universally considered metal or rock. Anticipated by the single "Darkling Glades" with prog metal sounds and dark atmospheres, in "Atopia", Tommy Talamanca gives us a complete vision of his music, which not only ranges from one genre to another, but also creates a harmonious weave to weave an experimental and musically classy vision. A complex and interesting work that manages to connect several elements making it a very enjoyable album.
The title track "Atopia" is an evocative track that blends apparently distant styles, but which here come together in a fascinating piece. It is followed by the already mentioned "Darkling Glades" pervaded by an atmosphere enriched by Gloria Rossi's voice between strictly 70's prog references and dark weaves.
In "Get In, Get Through" we find Gloria Rossi again with her vocalism in another intense song, as well as in "The Flow", second single with a more impalpable mood and an intense musicality. We find the versatile voice of Gloria also in the songs "Narrowing World" and "Grace in Heaven", harmonious and immaterial the first as more tangible the second, musically different but both fascinating.
"The Crack" appears as a sort of space-time track in which the strong hints of prog underline Tommy's skill and creativity also as a multi-instrumentalist, as well as in "Anapestic Dimeter", in which we find again prog sounds with hints almost of tzigane music, a song with a lighter atmosphere.
"The Floating Space" is a piece with a disturbing mood that alternates the omnipresent prog imprint with funky hints, one of my favorite songs on this album.
The two covers of Tommy's band Sadist are truly twisted from their original versions. The first, "Fog", is transformed into a piece of world music with both prog and oriental accents and with the enrichment of Gloria Rossi's vocalizations.
The second cover, "Holy", characterized by the keyboard intro and therefore much more synth than the songs heard up to now, is a much more fluid version without a precise characteristic, halfway between world music and a prog that, even if veiled at its beginning it gradually becomes marked. In short, two unrecognizable songs that manage to have a clear imprint.
"Atopia" is a fluctuating album, almost impalpable that gives us elegant and at the same time full-bodied riffs, an excellent work of fusion of styles and from Tommy Talamanca one cannot ask otherwise than to listen to his inspiration.

Valeria Campagnale

Artist: Tommy Talamanca Title: Atopia Genre: Prog Metal Label: Nadir Music Release Date: 21 January