Troyen - Falling Off The Edge Of Forever


11/29/20212 min read

Band: Troyen
Title: Falling Off The Edge Of Forever
Genre: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Label: Classic Metal Records
Release Date: 15th October 2021


Jeff Baddley - Drums
Steve McGuire - Guitar
Steve Haslam – Guitar
Mark Nortley - Bass
Mark Walling - Vocals

01- No Going Back
02- It’s Not Too Late
03- Hubris Running Wild
04- Rainbow After The Storm
05- All That Glitters
06- Your War Ain’t My Fault
07- Raise Your Hands
08- Storm Child (2021)
09- Come On
Bonus Live Tracks
10- Lady Evil
11- Dreams Never Lie
12- Nightmare

"Falling Off The Edge Of Forever" is the fourth release since Troyen reformed in 2014 and the first with the current line-up which brings with it a harder metal sound. Founded in 1980, the band offers us "Falling Off The Edge Of Forever" a peculiar album as it manages to combine NWOBHM sounds with a touch of rock leaning towards A.O.R. The album is a collection of singles, EPs, demos and contributions to various compilations.
We start off with some good rock with "No Going Back" in which Mark Walling's singing is highlighted, an excellent voice, and the work of the rhythm section with Jeff
Baddley on drums and Mark Nortley on bass; Steve Haslam's guitar is noteworthy, making for a decidedly scratchy and good piece.
"It's Not Too Late", "Hubris Running Wild" and "Rainbow After The Storm" are A.O.R. songs with a tonic and well harmonized sound, and while I was about to get used to these sounds, here comes the whirlwind of "All That Glitters", one of my favourite tracks, maybe because of the theme I like, maybe because it's actually an interesting song with a great guitar. Aggressive, crackling and catchy is the following "Your War Ain't My Fault", while "Raise Your Hands", with a quiet beginning, explodes in another excellent rock song that shows again Troyen at the top of his skills.
There's more great rock with "Storm Child", a single released earlier this year, and "Come On", which closes the studio album portion in fine fashion.
It continues with the live bonus tracks, the beautiful "Lady Evil", "Dreams Never Lie" and "Nightmare" featuring former guitarist Steve McGuire.
As beautiful as this trio of tracks are, it is "Nightmare" that strikes me the most, a sound as deep and purposefully distressing as a nightmare can be.
There are many bands born in the 80's in the wake of NWOBHM, Troyen would have deserved much more but we can listen to them and rediscover them with this beautiful album that encapsulates the essence of the band, between beautiful riffs and some virtuosity and the beautiful voice of Mark Walling.

Valeria Campagnale

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