Tygers Of Pan Tang – A New Heartbeat



1/25/20222 min read

Band: Tygers Of Pan Tang
Ttle: A New Heartbeat
Label: Mighty Music
Release Date: 25th February 2022


01. A New Heartbeat
02. Fireclown
03. Red Mist
04. Killers

Robb Weir - guitar
Francesco Marras - guitar
Jack Meille - vocals
Gav Grey - bass (on the EP)
Huw Holding - bass
Craig Ellis - drums

Robb Weir, guitarist and founding member of Tygers Of Pan Tang continues with the band's musical adventure with renewed energy and two new members, Italian guitarist Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadows), and Huw Holding on bass, in anticipation of the next new album, Tygers Of Pan Tang give us a new EP, 'A New Heartbeat', containing 2 new songs and 2 re-recordings of songs from their first album "Wild Cat" ( 1980) "Fireclown" and "Killers".
Already with the opener and title track "A New Heartbeat" Tygers Of Pan Tang continues the line of "Ritual", an album released in 2019, an energetic and convincing track with the band's classic sound, classic and sounding heavy metal, very convincing chorus, a very good rhythm and Jack Meille's powerful yet melodic vocals complete the whole, convincing riffs for a track that manages to fully satisfy.
The following track "Red Mist" offers a harder heavy metal sound and more powerful guitars, following the melodic line that continues to distinguish Tygers Of Pan Tang's sound. It's the use of melody in songs like this that makes the difference between heavy metal and classy heavy metal; and here we close the first part of this EP to continue with what reminds us of the band's history, "Fireclown" and "Killers".
In comparison to the original version "Fireclown" The intro is atmospheric, with guitar preceding the bass, and it has to be said that this new version is really impressive for how much more powerful and fresh it sounds, very well done.
"Killers'"also manages to put itself in a good light with a more modern sound and although I liked the first version, with Jack Meille's vocals this song takes on another life and convinces me more, as well as the guitar passages and riffs being more powerful, another successful re-release.
"A New Heartbeat" deserves a lot of attention not only for listening to the new songs with the sounds that the band has accustomed us to going from hard rock to heavy metal, but also for the two tracks that offer a more dynamic version.

In short, if Tygers Of Pan Tang boasts of being one of the most interesting bands on the hard & heavy scene, there is a reason for it.

Valeria Campagnale

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