Unleashed and Marduk are the headliners for Odense Metalfest 2022



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Two legendary death and black metal bands headline the the new Danish festival Odense Metalfest in October.

Unleashed and Marduk are the headliners for Odense Metalfest, where Swedish LIK and the Dutch hardcore mastodons Born From Pain are co-headliners together with Dutch thrash veterans Dead Head and Danish Maceration, who have been re-united after 30 years.

Odense Metalfest is a new 2-day festival which will debut on 21-22 October 2022 at Posten in Odense, right in the middle of Denmark. Odense is the 3rd biggest town in Denmark. The program is ambitious. 20 bands Denmark and Europe perfoms at the festival.

It is no coincidence that Odense Metalfest takes place at the venue Posten. In the late eighties and nineties, Odense had a very active metal environment with bands, magazines and record companies. Now Odense will once again be the meeting point for metal music in the middle of Denmark.

Exclusive concert with Unleashed
Headliners are mastodonts in death and black metal; Unleashed and Marduk. Two bands that fulfill the organizers ambitions to prove that Odense Metalfest should be a festival mainly for the old-school genres. Unleashed plays exclusively at Odense Metalfest and can not be experienced live elsewhere in Denmark in 2022, while Marduk takes over Odense for the first time ever in their long career.

This is a unique opportunity to experience Unleashed, as they have only played live twice in Denmark for the last 13 years. If you have to talk about The big four in Swedish death metal, it's Entombed, Dismember, Grave and not last but not least Unleashed. They are legends in the field of death metal and have inspired hundreds of others with their uncompromising sound and style. Johnny Hedlund, who founded the band in 1989 after leaving Nihilist, which later became Entombed, is still the frontman of the most productive Swedish death metal band, with 14 albums released.

Marduk, who is also the headliner for Odense Metalfest, celebrated their 30th anniversary last year, and is the most hard-working and without a doubt also the most popular and biggest Swedish black metal band. Their relentless and aggressive style appeals to both black and death metal fans. Marduk's live shows are known for their uncompromising and notoriously aggressive energy bursting out from the stage in a solid stream of blood and corpse paint.

Years of heavy metal experience
Odense Metalfest has been started by four organizers who have had the metal genre in their blood since their teens and have all been part of the scene as journalists, musicians and distributors.
Jakob Schultz was guitarist in one of Denmark's most renowned metal bands, Esbjerg's Invocator, and the death metal band Maceration. Back then he organized shows with the biggest death and thrash bands in Esbjerg. In addition, he was a co-founder of Denmark's largest metal magazine Metalized. Martin Lyager has also written about metal as an editor at Danishmetal.dk, as has Morten Nissen from the PR company Trechoma, which was previously a metal magazine and a record company, and Michael H. Andersen, who for almost 30 years has been behind several concerts, festivals and since 2003 has run one of the largest independent, Danish music companies, Target Group.

“Now its time! The other major cities in Denmark have hosted successful metal festivals for years. I have always thought that Odense, as the third largest city in Denmark, also should have a festival for the extreme metal genres such as thrash, death metal and hardcore. Aalborg, Copenhagen and Aarhus have long had metal festivals that present big, foreign headliners. Odense must also have it again", says Jakob Schultz, spokesperson for the festival.

Two legendary death and black metal bands headline the the new Danish festival Odense Metalfest in O

Massive co-headliners
Odense Metalfest will embrace oldschool genres such as death, thrash and hardcore. It is therefore a scoop that Dutch Born From Pain will take the stage at the festival. The band is one of the biggest names on the European hardcore scene and they have made a big impact on the scene worldwide with their heavy hardcore. LIK is also a co-headliner for Odense Metalfest. The Swedish band, whose name means "corpse" in English, is one of the most important names in the new wave of Swedish death metal, which pays homage to and keeps the Swedish sound and tradition alive. Also the Dutch answer to Invocator, the thrash band Dead Head, returns to Denmark and Odense for the first time in 30 years and plays for Odense Metalfest. The last time they visited Denmark was in 1992, where they played four concerts - including in Odense - together with Danish Maceration. Dead Head release a new albums in April.

Maceration in particular has achieved cult status with their album "A Serenade of Agony" from 1992, which was recorded in the Red House studio in Odense and featured Dan Swanö on vocals. After several concerts in Danmark and abroad, the band split, but has now been re-united with the two original members Jakob Schultz and Lars Bangsholt. The last time Maceration played in Odense was at Posten in December 1992, and now they are back on stage at the same venue at Odense Metalfest.

Odense Metalfest is visited by bands from Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands and of course Denmark and not least Funen. In addition to the mentioned bands, you can experience Puteraeon (SE), Turbocarged (SE), Needless (HU), Archaic (HU) and Danish Killing and Earn Your Scars, which are complemented by a local power demonstration from the legendary Svendborg based Urkraft, Anoxia from Nyborg celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Tardus Mortem from Glamsbjerg and the Odense bands Arsenic Addict, Crown The Beast, MITE, Terrorpy and Black Tritonus.

Massive co-headliners Odense Metalfest will embrace oldschool genres such as death, thrash and hardc


Unleashed (SE) (exclusive show in Denmark in 2022)
Marduk (SE) (First show ever in Odense)
Born From Pain (NL) (Probabaly the biggest hardcore band in Europe)
LIK (SE) (The new generation of Swedish death metal)
Maceration (DK) (Re-united after 30 years)
Dead Head (NL) (First show in Denmark in 30 years)
Puteraeon (SE)
Needless (HU)
Turbocharged (SE)
Archaic (HU)
Earn Your Scars (DK)
Killing (DK)
Urkraft (DK)
Anoxia (DK)
Arsenic Addict (DK)
Crown The Beast (DK)
Tardus Mortem (DK)
Terrorpy (DK)
Black Tritonus (DK)

Massive co-headliners Odense Metalfest will embrace oldschool genres such as death, thrash and hardc


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