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3/20/20221 min read

Band: Urku Llanthu
Title: Waka Isku
Genre: Dungeon Synth / DarkFolk Metal
Label: Takiri Independent Productions
Release Date: January 2022


1. Intro / Tutayana (dusk)
2. Yawar Uya (face of blood)
3. Sakra Ruku (old medicine man)
4. Kunkana (forget)
5. Wampuna (float)
6. Chaskina (accept)
7. Outro / Chaki Kati (footprint)

Second release for Urku Llanthu, with his s, the one man band of Atuk Urku Llanthu who after 'Urku Llanthu' minimalist, pagan and dark, returns with a concept work in which ancestral and spiritual musicality pervades the 7 tracks that compose it. The ancient culture of the Ecuadorian Andes, of the Inca people that stretched along the Pacific coast and the Andean plateaus from the northern border of modern Ecuador to the Maule River in central Chile.
Wind chimes, drums and keyboard pervade "Intro / Tutayana ", a spiritual transition. mourning and the concept of ancestral funeral rites. More complex is the following "Yawar Uya", a mystical flavour that accompanies us throughout the piece, dark folk that evokes an arcane evocation of dark mysteries immersed in time.
"Sakra Ruku" follows the mystical atmosphere maintaining a melodic line that blends with folk atmosphere, always focused in the darkness and with the firmness to involve in its spirals, after all this is exactly the result of "Waka Isku", entrancing and involving rapture in its obscurity. The expressiveness focused in the search is repeated in 'Kunkana', succeeds in highlighting its own intense atmosphere that expands and is emphasised and connects to the following "Wampuna" and "Chaskina", rarefied musical dimensions.
"Outro / Chaki Kati" expands in intensity and closes this complex work, reserved for those who love almost ethereal, obscure musical dimensions, where each sound extends into ancestral spirit.

Valeria Campagnale

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