We are happy to announce the entry of Sacrilege into our roster

Resurrected 2012, the original Sacrilege from the NWOBHM era 1982-87.

7/18/20221 min read

Photo credit: Valeria Campagnale

Under the management of Valeria Campagnale, started in 2019, the band continued its brilliant success with radio passages between Europe and America, appeared in the Japanese cult magazine Burrn! and other numerous print magazines.Valeria followed the band step by step through every stage of the promotion and also followed the guys on their concerts in England and Europe, supporting the band in their work.

After two years, the team is back again.
Welcome back guys!

Sacrilege on web:

Website : www.sacrilegenwobhm.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sacrilegerock

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/billsacrilege

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/sacrilege

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytK8ge7u4R67JdXduLaxpA