Weaponry Release EP Forever Nothing and Sign to Prank Monkey Records

Weaponry have unveiled the title to their much anticipated EP as Forever Nothing



6/7/20222 min read

UK Post-hardcore crew Weaponry have unveiled the title to their much anticipated EP as Forever Nothing, out June 17th through Prank Monkey Records. The singles My Name is Glory and Take It or Leave It have already been well received and are available to stream now.

Pre-save Forever Nothing

The release of Forever Nothing follows the success of the bands first EP What Have We Done which has racked up over 30,000 streams since release in January of this year. Off the back of performances at the notorious Oxford metal festival Rabidfest and the ambitious Reading Rising playing with the likes of UK Rock Chart intruders Press To Meco, legendary underground UK metallers Osiah and Metallica influencing icons Diamond Head, Weaponry have thrown a wide net out with their energetic, breathtaking shows.

With Forever Nothing, Weaponry have created anthems unashamed by their raw lyrical content covering topics such as homelessness, isolation and anxiety pulling from real life experiences. Forever Nothing is a reminder to the band not to get too excited with any successes that come their way. Lead singer Al Bristow comments “The words “Forever Nothing” originated in one of our earlier tracks Moving To Andromeda. It's a tongue-in-cheek phrase we like to say to each other when we think we might be getting too big for our boots. We are forever nothing. Even if we end up playing Wembley Arena, there's still Wembley Stadium. So when we play to a sold out crowd of 150 people, “Forever Nothing” is a reminder that it could very easily be 2 fans and the sound guy.”

Working again with band favourite producer Daly George (Creeper, Funeral for a Friend, Boston Manor) out of The Ranch in Southampton, Forever Nothing was recorded over a week in September 2021. MetalNoise.net followed the band for the whole week covering the entire recording process with studio diaries and videos.

Forever Nothing Tracklist

1. Take It or Leave It

2. Please Enjoy the Show

3. Mine

4. My Name is Glory

Weaponry Line-up

Al Bristow (vocals)

Rivers Ashworth (guitar)

Jay Rozentals (bass)

Tim Doyle (drums)