Zomer Project release "In the End", single brings the weight of stoner with progressive elements


6/18/20221 min read

Zomer Project is the new solo project of the brazilian guitarist/vocalist of the band The Anmer, Pedro Zomer. Produced at his Zomer Records studio and released by Electric Funeral Records, "In the End" is available for listening on all streaming platforms. The track focuses on a Stoner, Prog Rock & Sludge sound, with diverse elements and a dynamic approach.

The single brings the weight of sludge/stoner, with progressive elements and hard rock with softer vocals. A track filled with catchy riffs with a wide variety of emotions and textures.

Zomer will release his album called “Cursed Addiction”, which denounces the egocentrism in the rich classes, sexism, fascism, LGBTQIA+, phobia, conservatism in today's society, brainwashing the poor by religion and the death of the most fragile cultures (of ). The intention is to reach and poke manipulative people who use their evil to imbecile the most ignorant population.

"In the End":